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Case Template
Critical Issues
In order to succeed (definition) Company X must address the following:
How to (Solve problem/take advantage of opportunity) so that (consequence)
How to (Solve problem/take advantage of opportunity) so that (consequence)
How to (Solve problem/take advantage of opportunity) so that (consequence)
No need to provide background of the case
3-5 critical issues that must be resolved within the next two years to survive/thrive
Issues are solution-neutral
Issues describe root causes, not symptoms
If you define the issues incorrectly, you are solving the wrong problems
How did we get here? Why are things the way they are?
Provide conclusions of analysis with details in the exhibits (e.g. SWOT, Porters, Financial analysis)
Why are the issues critical?

Use full sentences and paragraphs, not point form
Analyze, don’t summarize

Decision Criteria
How will you choose among options?
What would the perfect solution look like?
Examples: marketing (right for the market), operational (feasible), financial (viable), and ethical criteria.
Set decision standards, musts and wants.

Discuss options and findings from analysis with details in exhibits.
Compare against criteria and discuss the pros and cons.

Recommendations and Action Plan
Which option do you recommend?
How will you address weaknesses, negative consequences of this option?
What are the key first steps to implement your recommendation?
Recommendations should flow logically from analysis, criteria and options.
No new analysis can be entered here.
Strategy is about making choices: what to do and what NOT to do.

Typical analysis of a case could include the following:


Strengths (Ability to...)

Weaknesses (Inability to...)

a. External covers things beyond their control. Opportunities/Threats are external conditions that present business potential or challenges.
b. Internal covers things within their control.
c. Convert “assets” into abilities: Strong cash position gives them the ability to finance their own growth.
d. Provide the implications for their strategy in the centre squares.
Porter’s Forces

New Competition


Current Competition



a. Indicate the level of power each group has in the market (low/medium/high)
b. Indicate