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The measure of data put away in databases is continually expanding. Databases contain various records, each of them separated in a few information fields. Furthermore, some of these fields may contain touchy data, so there is a need to forestall free get to it. Customarily, cryptography has been utilized to disguise this sort of data, yet routine cryptography has the issue that, for inquiries that need access to a particular field for all the records, it requires the unscrambling of the whole information field. Cryptography allows hiding sensitive information from potential attackers. However, the usage of encrypted information can respond to different needs which require different cryptographic techniques. In particular, this work focuses on database privacy

A new order preserving encryption (OPE) scheme has been proposed. It encrypts data belonging to the real interval [0,1], so, if input data belong to a different set, it must be mapped into it. With this cryptosystem, encryption and decryption times are logarithmic in the number of key points, which has been demonstrated by means of an experimentation.

A security analysis has been performed in order to test the unpredictability of the obtained functions and select the best parameter configuration for the restrictions in key generation. This allowed to avoid degenerate cases, so that the desired entropy can be obtained. An attacker with access to the contents of a database with some fields using OPE can