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Stephen Calistro
Case write-up Aqualisa
Problem Statement When first looking at this case the initial problem was that the new Quartz shower was not selling. But I had to think why this shower was not selling. I believe that the real problem is that “plumbers distrusted innovation.” This means that when a new product comes out with new technology like the Quartz they are unwilling to learn about how to use and install it.
1st Alternative Solution The first solution that I offer for Aqualisa is to focus on the trade shows for the Quartz. In this show to the plumbers how great of a product it is and how easy it is to install. This is a place to mass market plumbers.
* This is a great way to reach a mass amount of plumbers. * Trade shows look for reliable products which the Quartz is * A great way to show off how easy it is to install * Show features how it breaks down less and how that will save the plumber money * Show how it is better in all ways over competition
* Aqualisa brand is unavailable in 40% of trade shops * Don’t have time to learn all the features about the new Quartz * Stock whatever is in demand and the Quartz in not in demand right now * Already have products that do very well in the trade show market * Plumbers don’t want to learn new products
2nd Alternative Solution
The other solution that I would recommend would to focus the Quartz on the showrooms. In this show how where you can provide everything to these clients that normally only care about how the product looks.
* This is a great place for the Quartz because Aqualisa does not currently have a product that works in the showrooms. * Aqualisa can be a force in each category from the DIY Sheds to Trade Shows. When it has a product that works in the showrooms * Showrooms is currently the smallest market for Aqualisa * If Aqualisa focuses the Quartz in the showroom market then they is a much better chance of not hurting sales from other products they make that are doing well. * With this technology that Aqualisa has invented it will work great in the showroom. Because there are many more products that can be designed to fit the overall look of a bathroom. This gives them a place to expand their technological advantage. * Can have a higher margin per product in this category
* The shower is only one small part of the showroom experience. * Is this product even considered to be high-end enough to be put into showrooms * Have to get Subcontractors, contractors, and independent plumbers to install them * Aqualisa brand is only in 25% of all showrooms * These customers care more about looks than performance
I recommend the second alternative. The main reason I find this to be the best channel to sell the Quartz is because they have great products they fit the other two