Analysis Of The Australian Film Samson And Delilah

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The following case study is an exploration of the Australian film Samson and Delilah which features the impact that the volatile substance abuse [VSA] of petrol sniffing has on one of the characters in the film, Samson. I have chosen him to be the basis for my client and case-study and will begin by giving a description of the character, his family life and the social context to start this case-study. I will then provide an assessment and case formulation as well as Samson’s psychosocial needs and his volatile substance abuse of petrol sniffing. The substance abuse counselling model that I would draw on is explained, as well as the usefulness for Samson in the situation that he is in. I have explained the way in which I would work with …show more content…
Aboriginal people have a kinship structure where immediate and extended family are seen as part of the group and within Indigenous communities their health is seen as a collective of the emotional, social and cultural wellbeing of the community (Pattel, 2007). I have personally never worked with clients with VSA, but I feel that motivational interviewing would also benefit Samson’s brothers and their community in helping them overcome the problems of VSA. Giddens-Tracey (2005) explains that motivational interviewing is non –judgmental and avoids confrontation, it helps to raise awareness of the problems, risks and consequences as a result of certain behaviours, and it is also helpful in the context of treatment planning. MacLean and d’Abbs (2002) also believe that the introduction of Youth focused programs and the accessibility of basic food, shelter and education would reduce petrol sniffing, which would greatly benefit Samson if these projects were to be put in place. Cairney and Dingwall (2010) also suggest that by replacing the volatile petrol with a non-volatile fuel derivative there will be a reduction in the supply of petrol to inhale.
Treatment Process I believe that the first step that would need to be taken in the process of treating Samson is to have a doctor or health practitioner examine him for any signs of medical complications. The Australian Government Department of Health and Aging Publications (2004) suggest that when dealing with