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Casey Anthony Trial

The unbelievable trial about a mother, Casey Anthony, charged with the murder of her 2 year old daughter and throwing the body into a forest in Florida. The case was going on for six weeks while the public threw dirt at her for being such a cruel mother. The charges were premeditated murder and child abuse. Even through all of this, the jury was not sure beyond reasonable doubt that she was responsible for the crime. Ms. Anthony had a slight smile when they were reading each verdict that was ruled in her favor, but she still managed to have tears in her eyes. Caylee Anthony, the daughter of Casey Anthony, went missing June 2008. The mother did not immediately notify the police. From the day Caylee went missing, the mother went out with friends and even got a tattoo saying “Bella Vita”. On top of that, Ms. Anthony lied to her family and authorities on Caylee's wellbeing. Her heartless behavior was the main reason of the prosecutor's decision to pin her down. There was little evidence acquired that supported Anthony being guilty for all the unfortunate events that occurred. Also, the cause of Caylee's death was never explained. Regardless of this, offenders were positive they had enough proof that the woman was responsible for her child's death and for giving false statements to the police. The hearing lasted 33 days and the jury only needed two days to talk over the verdict. Anthony was faced with a death sentence but all she got was 4 charges and a count of lying to the police. The judge could only give her 4 years of prison based on the charges. There is a theory that the child drowned in a swimming pool and the mother panicked. Not knowing what to do, she seeked her father's help, a former policeman. They taped the child's mouth shut and