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Casey Anthony Paper
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The trial of Casey Anthony involves the death of the two-year-old daughter of Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony. Basing on the events, Casey supposedly left the house together with Caylee on the 16th of June 2008. Casey did not provide her parents any details on the exact location of her daughter. (usatoday, 2011)
However, an online post allowed the parents of Casey to locate the car of their daughter on July 15. The car was inside the yard of a towing company. The stench of a dead body was noted inside the car. Casey did not convince the parents of Casey. On the 15th of July 2008 or 30 days after Caylee disappeared, a missing person report was filed for the child. (usatoday, 2011)
Detective Yuri Melich noted a number of inconsistencies on the statements of Casey. Casey did not get the services of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales as a nanny, which was discovered later. According to Casey, Gonzales abducted her baby. Casey was arrested on July 16 with the charge of giving a misleading statement, neglect of her child, and hindering a criminal investigation. (usatoday, 2011) The cousin of Casey posted a $500,000 bond for the temporary freedom of Casey, who was released on August 21 or around a month after she was detained. She was released once again on the 5th of September 2008 Casey was released on bail as she for other charges after she was made to wear an electronic monitoring device. She was…