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Tatiana Rotari
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6 July 2015 Cash vs Credit cards Money is currency used to buy goods or services. Nowadays, money remains the most important thing in a person’s life. Money helps people to survive, to buy food, clothes, to pay for school or for other services. Credit cards originated in the U.S. in the 1930s; their use was widespread by the 1950s and expanded even further in succeeding decades. They are issued by many businesses serving the consumer, such as oil companies, retail chain stores, restaurants, hotels, airlines, car rental agencies, and banks. It is very important to know how to save and how to spend money properly. What if you can`t afford to buy something that you really need? Of course, credit cards can help one to buy these things and pay monthly. Some people like better to have cash money, but others like better credit cards. However, credit card has a lot of advantages over cash if one keep track of their purchases and remember the payment cycles. As a fact, cash and credit cards are used to pay goods or services. Using credit cards is more convenient than cash. For example, to buy a house or a new car a person needs more than $10.000. It is not safety to carry this money in the pocket, but credit cards are convenient and very safety to carry. Also, payments can be made monthly. Nowadays, everybody has more than 2 or 3 cards in their wallet. Furthermore, people who are traveling can be more vulnerable to lose cash money than credit card, because they might travel in unknown places and might speak a different language that can confuse them. Lost cash cannot be replaced but stolen or lost credit cards can be replaced easier. Describing the ease of using a credit card, Edward Yingling, the president of the American Bankers Association (ABA) industry group, says,
I can take this piece of plastic and go...almost anywhere in the world. I can go to Tamboura and walk into a restaurant or a hotel or a store, hand them this piece of plastic.... They run it through a machine, and in a matter of seconds, I can walk out of the store, say, with a product worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Credit cards have more advantages if a person is using them right. It is important to check credit card balance weekly, and keep tracking on all purchases. If everything is done right, than a person can obtain a good credit score. Everybody has heard these words "good" or "bad credit", but very few know what it means. A good credit is not just when one payment is made on time, but also means that all payments are paid on time. There are many situations when people have been on vacation or out of state, and when coming back, surprisingly their bill was higher than usually. As a matter of fact, automatic payments are the best thing ever. For example, everybody pays bills and rent, but if it is paid by credit card, on the end of quarter some banks give a reward for using credit cards correct. It is not as difficult to manage if it is done properly and on time. The golden rule is to pay on time to avoid fees. Security in use is a very strong point for credit cards. For example can be all memberships which seem to be free in the beginning. After a month you may discover a small or bigger change in account. Figuring out what happened, the merchant is trying to get more money from that “free” membership. Credit cards have a disputing credit charges option. It takes