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Casino Gambling in Kentucky
Casino gambling in Kentucky has been a very controversial issue for many years

Although some strongly oppose casino gambling there are many reasons why casino gambling should be legal in Kentucky
Casino gambling helps to provide a large amount of revenue to help better our state economy
Also legalizing gambling can hinder the growth of underground activities. Casino gambling should become legal due to the fact that states surrounding Kentucky are using their gambling revenue to enrich their cities
while Kentucky watches
These are only some of the reasons why Kentucky should legalize casino gambling

With such a large population inhabiting Kentucky there is no doubt that casinos would

help to better Kentucky’s economy
Firstly building a casino would bring jobs not only to a team of construction workers
, but also bring new
, permanent jobs so some of the Kentucky residents
Many of these jobs would be composed of minorities and women
, which have been seen in many casinos in the past few years (Study Reveals)
. These new job creations will help to lower the

amount of unemployed in Kentucky, and help to better the lives of many of the hardworking residents.
Throughout the years there have been many bills involving casino gambling in Kentucky although such bills have been turned down in the past, we have been seeing an increased interest lately. One bill sponsor says that these casinos would generate up to

about $286 million each year in revenue (Brammer)
With so much revenue coming into
Kentucky Bill sponsors agree that “State revenue generated from gambling would be distributed as follows: 50 percent for education
10 percent for stabilization of public pensions
25 percent to the state General Fund
4 percent for municipal public safety
4 percent for drug and alcohol treatment ,
4 percent for county public safety
3 percent to locales that have expanded gambling to pay for safety and security
, and 0.15 percent of adjusted gambling revenue
, up to $2 million a year , to a Compulsive Gamblers Assistance fund (Brammer)

With legal casinos presents
, illegal gambling may become less of an issue
. Although

having a casino will not completely abolish illegal gambling, it will help to attract gamblers who may otherwise seek underground gambling.
While many people may not see Kentucky as having a very large number of illegal gambling incidents
, it is still present in Kentucky
While legal casinos pay taxes that are eventually returned to the state
, many of these underground activities do not pay the necessary taxes that should be paid
Also as an advantage “It is also beneficial to contain the growth of the underground activities so that the reported national product does not deviate significantly from the actual (Yin)
” Given this information legalizing casino gambling would help to hinder underground gambling and provide for the state's taxes as well as federal taxes to help enrich our communities
With all these advantages to casino gambling
Kentucky seems to be missing out
Other states surrounding the state such as Ohio and Indiana are gaining much wealth from both their residents and kentucky residents
, due to the fact that Kentucky does not have a casino
Kentuckians would like to see a casino built within the state because “We don’t have fences or

walls for people going outside Kentucky to gamble
If you don’t think they’re gambling in
, go to Horseshoe (in Elizabeth, Ind.) Friday or