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Electoral College System
Course: American National Government-2
Instructor: Andrea Kolich
Cassandra Daniels
Everest University


Criticism is when you judge someone or something stating whether or not it is good or bad. When criticizing something or someone you make remarks that would express disapproval. Disapproval remarks would be something you not supposed to say but you say it to hurt someone.
To begin with, the Electoral College is a system where voters in American elect the president and vice president of the U.S. indirectly. (Thomas H. Neale 2004). Criticism of the Electoral College system make sure the candidates do not reach out to most of the states. Divided battleground states are what presidential candidates give all their attention to. There are important reasons that the Electoral College system is in the constitution. The Electoral College favors the republicans. When voters use the Electoral College system to vote, the individual would not be voting directly for the president; they votes for an elector that allegiance to the running party. Some people think the Electoral College need to be change and others like it how it is.
Furthermore, the Electoral College system is known to elect a minority president, electors that are faithless and causing a decline in voter turnout. Even though the majority of the people vote, the president is more likely to be elected without the popular vote of the countries. The House of Representatives elects the president if only candidate do not get majority of the electoral vote. (Electoral-Vote) Another criticism would be it is pointless to have electoral votes. Most people think it would be best to elect the president based on popular vote. Then you have Electoral


College winner-take-all character. For example, if North Carolina 25 electoral votes was split 14 for George Bush and 11 for Obama, then Obama would be the president.
In additional to, the alleged advantages are prevention of Victory Solely based on urban regions, assist in the maintenance of federal character in the nation, maintain division of powers, two party system, and minority Groups. When it comes to prevention of Victory Solely based on urban regions candidate should take an approach extensive. Assist in the maintenance of federal character in the nation, is when the state is given the freewill to design with respect to voting individuals laws. Maintain division of powers, when the constitution divide government in three different branches that has to offer “balances and checks” with deliberation. The two party systems, the people think that the negative effect of the Electoral College a…