Cassiopeia: Poison and Ability Essay

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There's a specific reason why I chose the ability and skill sequence that I have for this build. Even though I have seen this and many others in different guides, this is the one sequence that I have played in games and has always worked for me. The reason why I like to max out Noxious Blast first is because it is your poke. It is your first ability since it will poison and do damage, and has a long range. It is your first ability maxed to level 5 because it will do major damage, and can be later paired with Twin Fang. That is going to be your second move maxed out. When an enemy is poisoned, it has rarely any cooldown, and uses less and less mana due to Deadly Cadence. That being said, you can kill an enemy champion in a matter of seconds. Your third basic ability is Miasma. The reason why that is the last basic skill that you are maxing out is because it costs much more mana than the other two, and is not as reliable when it comes to a team battle. It does slow, but that is not as important if you build the right items. However, when you do finally reach levels 4 and 5 with it, it can be a lifesaver, and help you to escape by slowing any champions giving chase. Finally, we have your ultimate ability. Petrifying Gaze is a fantastic move, because it will do massive damage to enemies in addition to either stunning them or slowing them, based on how skilled you are. Timing with this move is key because you want to make sure that not only your enemy is facing you when you cast