Essay on Caste and Life

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The Hindu Caste System is an organized arrangement in India based off of who you’re born to. It revolves around the belief of Karma, so if you were a bad person in your life you could be reborn as a bug in your next life.
The lowest on the Hindu Caste System are the Untouchables; they earned their name because back then if you touched them your soul could become tainted or dirtied. Now a days it isn’t so rare to come across them beaten, raped, and even killed. In a documentary we watched on the Untouchables they all accepted the fact they were low-life’s and understood there was nothing wrong with the way they were treated. Out of the Bramins, Kshatriyas, Jatis, Vaishyas, and the Shudras the Untouchables were the worst. The only way they were paid was in food and shelter, and their job included picking up human and animal excrement’s also disposing of human remains. My reaction the way of life they live by is its atrocious, and almost frightening to me! I feel if the Untouchables were smart enough they should move far away with their children and start something new for them. If the children learn young they can hopefully live their life a much more successful way instead of believing they were horrible people in their past life. Personally, to me it’s very sad to see people live life this way and consent to a life like this especially when kids here in America talk about y.o.l.o. all the time it’s the complete opposite of what the Hindu Caste System is saying. Yet I