Castes In Brave New World

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How close is our society to the Brave New World society in personal relationship? In the book Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley we as readers find ourselves connecting the characters of the novel because they are all so different yet so alike at the same time. The characters in the book belong to castes. These castes are based on physical appearance and mental toughness and capability. These castes are to only interact with those within the same caste as their own, which in these, castes sex is a daily and common occurrence. No one belong to just any one person. Intimate relationships are not spoken of because they do not exist. And in today’s world the year of 2017 and on into the future the younger generations and even older generations have begun to develop this practice of having lack of intimacy as well. …show more content…
“The more the better! Seriously though, initially there is a lot of excitement and newness about being with someone, but then usually it morphs into something boring and regular.” (Parker). The characters kind of play by this rule, but with them it is not about a relationship or love or attractiveness at all, they are trained to have no physical love for anyone but to use sex as merely a way to just pass the time. "We had Elementary Sex for the first forty minutes," she answered. "But now it's switched over to Elementary Class Consciousness." (Huxley). The characters had been through a series of hypnopedia to be taught to not have sex for love and to start a family, because have children is considered death worthy, but to have sex for sport and they start this teaching using hypnopedia at a young