Essay about Castrol Motor Oil Marketing Plan

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Castrol Motor Oil

Marketing Plan

Table of Contents

Statement of Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure 2
I.Executive summary: 4
II. Situation and environment analysis 5
¬ SWOT Summary: 5
″ Strengths 5
″ Weaknesses 6
″ Opportunities 6
″ Threats 7
¬ Segmentation 8
¬ Positioning Maps 9
¬ Competitor Analysis 11
III. Opportunity Identification, Assessment and Assumption‏ 12
IV. Objectives 13
V. Marketing Strategy 15
¬ Target Market Selection 15
¬ Target Market Profiles 16
″ Car body shops profile: 17
″ Car dealers profile: 17
″ Wholesalers profile: 18
¬ Positioning 19
″ Strategic Orientation 19
″ Differentiation 20
″ Defend ability 21
″ Brand Personality 21

Statement of
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So, we have partnership with the BMW. The BMW Group recommends Castrol in their service literature, driver handbooks and marketing communications, as well as on the vehicles' engine blocks. We are delighted to have been chosen as the recommended oil for all BMW Group vehicles.

• In the world wide, Castrol works with leading manufacturers worldwide to improve performance, has been appointed as the worldwide strategic lubricants partner for Jaguar Cars Ltd., Land Rover, Volvo Car Corporation, and Aston Martin.


• Appearance of a local/foreign competitor who sell similar or better product. • Future/potential competition from large, multi-national Auto industry. • Economic recession is given company the acid test. In 2008, the economic recession resulted that many car factories were bankrupted. Therefore, we should be ready to start running our business.


• We will segment the market in Ontario. The main type of segmentation strategies are as follows: Geographic Segmentation,Product-User Segmentation and Lifestyle Segmentation. ✓ Geographic Segmentation: Canada’s bank systems focus the lowest risk in this economic era. Therefore, Canada becomes our final target market. Ontario is the biggest industrial center in Canada. It has the highest ratio in import and export. So, there is numerous vehicles need our motor oil. ✓ Product-User