Casual Restaurants Essay

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Casual Restaurants
Teyonna Jordan
July 05, 2015
Professor James Akins

Casual Restaurants

A. PF Chang’s theme throughout the website, décor, and menu is an Asian theme. They offer food with noodles, rice, sushi, as well as a couple of unique dishes. The décor is Asian based on my experience on dining there, the location I went to has the bell and Asian décor throughout. The website didn’t give a great view of the restaurant.

Mimi’s Café theme is a French base theme throughout the restaurant. The menu has a large selection of grilled option, cheese is offered without a large selection of items, and they also offer a wine selection. Wine is an important part of a French meal, the décor makes you feel as you are in a little French town. The décor has the tablecloths you see in French movies; some of the locations have a little balcony set up within the restaurants.

Hillstone has more of a sophisticated casual theme going on in their cluster of restaurants. The mood in the restaurants have dim lighting that gives you the feel of relaxing but at the same time you don’t have to dress in your best clothes. I have visited quite few of these restaurants they all have similar décor. The have pictures throughout that are indigenous to the local area. The menu varies from burgers to steak and seafood. I have noticed that when you look at all the restaurants from the outside they fit the décor on the inside.

B. Each company actual provides means for you to apply for employment online.

C. Pf Chang’s provides information regarding information for new menu items. D. After looking over all three sites the hillstone website offers the most useful information. On the site every restaurants goes into detail about the restaurants the history and how it fits into the area it is located in.

2. Yes all three are burger places but they are all different in many ways. McDonalds is the true definition of a fast food restaurant they offer the typical fast food. All of them usually have a playground trying to get the attention of kids. Wendy’s is fast food as well but they offer a little bit more of healthier options for eating. They have recently offered fresh salads and healthy wraps. Fuddruckers has tried to pull itself out of the category of fast food. The burgers are cooked to offer they are better quality of meat. They have different offers to top your burger and make it unique to you. They have a fun them inside that makes you want to dine in versus running through the…