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Camels in Africa Did Africans have an easier way to transport goods from one place to another? In Africa, people used camels for transportation. Camels had a very significant impact on trade in Africa. Camels allowed traders to establish more trade relations between more countries. Millions of camels live in Africa today. They are mostly found along countries bordering Sahara Desert, such as Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Mali, and Chad. African Camels have been used for at least 4,000 years for transportation and food.

Camels in Africa are used for many different reasons. For example, in Africa people use camels for transportation. Camels have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. No matter if it is very cold or very hot a camel can last may hours maybe even days. This makes camels good for trading in deserts. Also, Since camels an hold water in their humps they can last a long time without stopping for water.

Camel meat and milk are important to many African people. Camel's milk is very rich in fat and protein. It's apparently difficult to make cheese from it, but camel yogurt is common. Camel milk is the closest you can get to a human mother's milk, with 10 times more iron and three times more vitamin C than cow's milk. Also, Chad's capital has plenty of camel milk bars from Ethiopia and Somalia think nothing of riding a train for 12 hours to sell it in Djibouti. People take Camels with them to eat along the way or to sell to earn money