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Today’s Society moves at a faster pace than ever before .Many of us get through our days by flipping back and forth between one task and another .But how does all this multi-tasking affect us ? According to the article “How to do one things at a time ‘’, many of us understand that some kinds of multitasking can be dangerous. But too many of us think that we can get by with multitasking because we just don’t understand how bad it is for us. The article explains new research that proves that any multitasking is bad because it hurts our ability to focus .When we try to do many things at once, we do everything slowly and badly. I very interested to learn how every regular kinds of multi-tasking can hurt our concentration, but what I found most significant is that we have to actually practice focusing on one thing in order to quit our habit of multitasking. I think it’s important to do activities that can improve our concentration because they help us stop dividing our attention and stay focused on individual tasks. When we multitask, we harm ourselves and don’t do things as well as we would have if we were focused on a single task. A recent article published in the science journal NeuroImage revealed that when we attempt demanding tasks simultaneously, we end doing neither as well as we should because our brains have cognitive limits. What this trying to say is that we can’t do a lot of things at the same time because you can tend to forget or do nothing at all . For example when i was worken at a coffee store people use to tell me a list of what they wanted to order but i couldnt rember all of thing and i had to ask again but to repeat slowly because i wont memorize everything in 10 seconds . Multitasking is a habit that we have to work to break ,it might be diffucult because sometimes we have alot to do and