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Careers Assignment
Design Technology is the study of design, development, and the management of its technologies for the purpose of product design and modeling of construction. It is influenced by human, environmental, financial, and material requirements and resources.

Architects Architects perform several duties. Some of the several duties they perform are to plan and design structures such as buildings and houses, give instructions to contractors and builders to follow, make sure the project is finished on time and remains in budget, complete paperwork such as contracts and permits. Most architects are employed by building contractors or architecture firms. They can also be self-employed. They work at construction sites and in offices. Working times for architects vary on several factors. They tend to earn $50000 to $100000 a year, depending on work experience and the state of the economy. To become an architect one must go to university, acquire a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in architecture, and achieve a license to practice in your province or territory. After the gain of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture and the license, the first position to start off is as an Intern. After the completion of the architecture internship and successful completion of the professional exam, the next position will be a Licensed Architect. After several years of experience one may (not for sure) achieve Partnership at an architectural firm.

Civil Engineers Civil engineers help design and build structures such as buildings and bridges. Their tasks include, using math and science to calculate if structure designs are accomplishable and if they are safe, studying the conditions at project sites, evaluating costs and quantities of labour, equipment, and materials needed, supervising and guiding construction workers and preparing reports. They are employed by engineering firms, companies, and government agencies. Civil engineers work in construction sites and a little bit in the office. They tend to earn $40000 to $120000 yearly, varying on experience, economic conditions, and level of education. To become a civil engineer one must go to university and complete a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree or PhD is recommended for senior advancements. After one has achieved a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, they become an Engineer-in-training. The next advancement is after several years of training and the completion of the professional licensing exam becoming a Professional Engineer. From the professional engineer, the position upgrades to a Senior Engineer, and ends off as a Manager.

Interior Designers Interior designers create admirable usable indoor spaces. Their tasks include, discussing project details with clients, develop designs and sketches for client acceptances, decide what paint, wallpaper, and furniture will be used, and maintain budgets. They are employed by architecture firm, companies and retailers. They can be self-employed. They tend to earn $25000 to $65000 per year depending on experience, reputation, and location. To be an interior designer one must achieve a degree or diploma in interior design, accepting both college and university. After getting a bachelor’s degree or diploma in interior design the first station is Junior Designer. After many years, the completion of NCIDQ exam and certification the next station is a