Catalina Island Essay

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Have you ever visited Emerald Bay on Catalina Island? Catalina offers an extravagant Marine Science Camp for your education, spiritual growth, personal development, as well as beautiful views. When you snorkel, you’ll see amazing creatures such as Garibaldi fish. They are especially amazing as young juveniles with their blue, iridescent spots. You’ll love starting out the day with its breathtaking sunrises and ending on a sweet note by looking at the reflection of the moon over the water. Overall, Catalina is known for its gratifying accommodations, food, and activities.

Accommodations at Catalina include cabins, bathrooms, and showers. Besides, your needs can also be met in their gift shop. Their cabins are painted white and have a label
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All of which, you are at the hands of top-dog instructors. Such activities include snorkeling, kayaking & tournament, squid dissecting, daily devotions, a natural history hike, an invertebrate/vertebrate lab, and a concluding campfire. While snorkeling, as stated earlier, you may see Garibaldis, and other creatures such as the Halfmoon or Senorita fish. As you complete this activity, you’ll learn to have endurance, and identify the habitats of our fish friends. During kayaking, before you go into the water, you can find out the three endemic birds to the island Then while kayaking, try to spot them sitting on rocks or soaring in the sky. The morning you leave the island, there's even a kayaking tournament! Moving on to squid dissections, even if you're a little grossed out, your guaranteed to enjoy discovering God’s creation through this unique creature’s anatomy, of which includes an ink sac. Likewise, daily devotions is another time for God to amaze you through His word and make sure to ask for his strength, because He’s the one who can provide it for you. Next, we have the Natural History hike, where your instructor informs you about the history of the island. For example, did you know former owner of the island, Pio Peeko lost all of his land to a man named Thomas in a card game? Along this exercise, you can learn about the introduced, endemic, and native plants of the island while taking a hike till you reach the top of the mountain. Continuing to the invertebrate/vertebrate lab, you can be bold in learning and touching selected sea animals such as sea hares and sea anemone. Ultimately, the campfire at your last night at Catalina sums up the whole trip in a toasty way. By the way, this is my favorite activity out of the whole trip! During it, you have the choice to get up in front of the group, and share your