Catch someone demonstrating E.I. Essay

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Catch someone demonstrating E.I.
A person who has lower emotional intelligence is hard to control his emotion when he feels bad mood or emotional impulses. Without emotional intelligence, he also can obtain high education and professional knowledge but he is hard to deal the relationship with people who around him. So this is reason why people like to work with high EQ people but not low EQ people even though this person has high IQ.

My father, has worked for his vegetable wholesale company for 30 years, is a person who good at dealing with traditional Chinese famers who do not have education. In china, agriculture is the most traditional industry which has thousand years history. People who works in this industry are most live in countryside and do not obtain high education but they are the indispensable in Chinese vegetable market. So the most challenge is how to deal with them. Actually, I do not think my father has high emotional intelligence because he is easy to get mad when he feel bad mood in his daily live. However, in his business or some serious situation, he always shows me how high emotional intelligence he has. I got some experience to prove my opinion. For example, some farmers who are from northwest of china came to my father’s company which provide farmers place to sell their products. They brought several whole car of cabbage to here and try to monopolize cabbage share but we already had other farmers who sold cabbage. So these farmers fight together. Although my father is very angry, he can not refuse them because they are big partner for us. My father thinks that it is a serious situation and try to convince them don't fight anymore but he knows he can not convince them through some reason or law. It is useless for people who lost their emotional intelligence. So my father tries to use the traditional way in china to deal the relationship between these farmers. My father knows that although these farmers are rude, they are the natural person who likes to make friend with other. So my father told to them do not fight together and they can earn money together. When they feel confuse