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Catcher in the Rye-Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1- The protagonist Holden Caulfield has had a not so satisfying career at Pencey Prep, failing four of his five subjects has gotten him expelled from school after the fall semester. He feels no remorse leaving the school but, will miss some of the people that were there with him.

Chapter 2- Holden goes and visits his old history teacher, Mr. Spencer, who has gotten ill with the flu. Mr. Spencer tells Holden that Life is a game and he needs to learn to play by the rules, also he tells Holden that he really needs to think about his future but Holden doesn’t want to listen to any of it and gets up and leaves.

Chapter 3- Holden lives in Ossenburger Hall with some very interesting people. There's Ackley who is Holden’s dorm neighbor and as Holden would say “Ackley is a supremely irritating classmate who constantly barges into the room, has poor hygiene and acts like hes doing others a favor by spending time with them.” Holden is not very found of Ackley at all.

Chapter 4- Holden's roommate, Stradlater, is very much different that Ackley. Stradlater is attractive and has very good hygiene, unlike Ackley whose is ugly and has no hygiene at all. Stradlater ends up leaving and going on a date but with the girl that Holden has had a crush on for a long time Jane Gallagher.

Chapter 5- Stradlater asks Holden to right a paper for him and Holden agrees, Holden ends up writing a paper about his brother Allies baseball mitt that Allie used to copy poem down in. The thing about Allie is that he died of leukemia several years before so this was a very touchy subject for Holden.

Chapter 6- Stradlater comes home from his date and Holden gives him the paper that he wrote, Stradlater says it has nothing to do with the topis and gets very mad at Holden. Holden the asks about the date and Stradlater refuses to say anything and then Holden and Stradlater get in a fight and Stradlater hurts Holden.

Chapter 7- Holden is annoyed by everyone at Pencey so he decides to leave that night instead of waiting until Wednesday. He will stay in a hotel until his parents have completely digested the idea of him being expelled.

Chapter 8- On the train to New York Holden meets one of the moms of a student at Pencey, Holden very much dislikes this student but decides to tell all these lies about him to make him seem popular. Holden also tells her that he is leaving early from school so he can get brain tumor surgery.

Chapter 9- When Holden makes it to New York he doesn’t no what to do so he decides to check into his hotel room. When Holden is in his room he sees some interesting tings going on in other rooms. This makes him fell aroused so he tries to find a date but everybody its too late, so he just stays in his room and falls asleep.

Chapter 10- Holden debates if he should call his little sister Phoebe but decides not to, instead he was just going to go to the nightclub in the hotel. He tries to order cocktails but hes to young so he just dances around with some girls who are not interested at all.

Chapter 11- As he walks back to his room he starts to reminisces about Jane Gallagher. He remembers the summer that he had a lake cabin right nest to hers and how they would hold hands. That’s when Holden really fell in love with Jane.

Chapter 12-Holden decides to take a cab to another night club call Ernie's, on the cab ride Holden starts to like the cab driver but then the ab drivers gets very mad it him so he stays quiet. At Ernie's Holden sees a girl that he dislikes so he quickly left.

Chapter 13-Holden felt like a coward for leaving Ernie’s he decided to walk to 41 blocks to his hotel. As he is riding up the elevator the operator asks if he wanted a prostitute Holden shamefully responds with a yes. Holden ended up not being in the mood and all he wanted to do was talk with her.

Chapter14-Holden finally falls asleep when he hears a knock on the door. It was the