Catcher In The Rye Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Catcher in the Rye: Comparing and Contrasting Characters In the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger there are many interesting characters throughout the story, but only a few appear to be more in depth when it comes to their values and their true personalities. Holden and Phoebe Caulfield both have different views to their academics and how they deal with them. These two have a significant relationship towards each other, but Holden has more trouble dealing with relationships than Phoebe does. They both come from an upper class family, so they both have their own money to spare to use for whatever they please. Although they bear some minor similarities, the differences between Holden and Phoebe are pronounced. Holden and …show more content…
Both characters have shown that they are loaded with some cash that they could spend on whatever they want to spend it on. They both show their generosity and thoughtfulness for giving money to those who need it more than they do. On page 110, Holden donates ten dollars to the two nuns he meets at the Grand Central Station, even though they at first refused to take his offering. He believed they deserve the donation to give to whatever charity they were raising money for as a whole because he thought of them to be pure and true people. As for Phoebe, she gives Holden all of her Christmas money because she believed he needed it more than for her to spend it on buying Christmas gifts for her family and friends on page 178. Holden spent a lot of his money before that from going to a couple of bars, and taking multiple cabs through New York City. However, like Phoebe, he wanted to get her something special with his money by buying her a record of Little Shirley Beans on page 116. Holden and Phoebe both spend their money on their needs, and on things that are significant to themselves, but they also have the heart to give their money to those who are special to