The Patriot Movie Analysis

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1 January 2013
The Patriot It is 1776. The French and Indian war hero, Benjamin Martin, finally decides to live peacefully in South Carolina in his small plantation after his horrifying past while his eldest son enlists his name in the continental army for the war with Britain. When Colonel Tavington comes and burns their whole plantation, Benjamin Martin feels both—protecting his family and taking revenge for the newborn American nation. He prefers to be a farmer for the rest of his life but when Gabriel enlists his name in the army, he returns back to his original life of war to protect his family. When his house is burned down and Thomas (elder son) is killed by Colonel Tavington, Benjamin Martin forms militiamen. He becomes the leader of the militia. Benjamin Martin kills Colonel Tavington after he kills his eldest son Gabriel. Cornwallis’ army then surrenders. After the war ends, he arrives back home with his betrothed Anne and sees his militiamen working to rebuild his homestead. In the beginning of the movie, Benjamin Martin receives a letter saying they will call out for the independence of the American nation which portrays the revolutionary time in history when the Americans called for the independence. The scene when the church crowded with patriots, peasants and children, are burned down by British colonel Tavington. The movie overall shows the history of the United States with many inaccuracies. The movie also goes back into the history in the middle when Tavington offers the black people, from Benjamin Martin’s plantation, freedom if they serve in their army. Slavery was also one of the controversial issues in the movie. Slavery is showed continue in the movie since the movie is filmed in South Carolina. At the end in the movie when Benjamin Martin kills colonel Tavington, there is a patriotic feeling in the movie for America as the scene carries hope for the new independent nation. Like all other historical fiction movies, this movie too contains inaccuracies. One of them is shown in the church burning. The scene when Tavington burned the church was not in the history while there were events similar to it. Secondly the congress extended an order that if the slaves