Catcher In The Rye Informative Essay

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Rough Draft

Depression is a very serious mental sickness that has the capability to kill its victims. You might be thinking that it can’t be that bad. Maybe you think you’re mentally strong enough to handle it. It’s a lot worse than you think, in fact, about 117 Americans take their own life every day. In Catcher In The Rye, depression is a recurring theme and we see how it affects Holden but, how does it affect us?

Depression’s primary target is usually the mind. It’s attacks cause sadness that won’t go away hence which is what depression is known for. You may find yourself having difficulty concentrating too, this could affect your job and tests at school. Strong feelings of guilt usually occur as well, depending on the situation. The
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You will find yourself avoiding friends, family, and other people you usually hang out with. You also may not be into the things you used to like such as sports, drawing, playing with friends, etc. Victims of depression also tend to say negative comments about their presence such as “It would be better if I wasn’t here”. They might even show an interest in death and what happens when you die, and they usually aren’t afraid to talk about it.

In conclusion, I found that depression is a vicious, cruel monster whose ultimate goal is to drive you to the point of sadness and despair where you end up killing yourself. It targets your mind with suicidal thoughts and feelings of guilt and hopelessness. It targets your body with self harm and loss of energy. It also targets your social life by making you avoid the people and activities that you used to like. Depression is not a threat to be taken lightly, if you ever see these signs in a person, give them help or support, you’ll never be able to live with the guilt if you find out that you could’ve saved them.

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