Catcher In The Rye Psychological Analysis

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The novel, The Catcher In the Rye written by J. D. Salinger, the protagonist Holden Caulfield has an interesting way of behavior. The novel’s narration about a typical teenager who is struggling with finding his identity. This is a typical area that teenagers suffer as a whole but is even harder when dealing with the grief of loved. People around Holden were mature compared to him and were not focused on what people thought of him. A dream Holden had been that he wanted the children of now to grow up to lose their innocence. Holden knows that after affect society can have in one's life. Holden is going through some trauma since his brother died that it has taken a toll on his social, physical, and academic aspects of his life. His coming of …show more content…
Holden is experiencing or seeing a terrifying event. Like it's natural to feel afraid during and after a traumatic situation. According to cruse. Org,"Many bereaved people experience feelings of depression after the death of someone close. Life can feel like it no longer holds any meaning and some people say they too want to die"(Cruse Bereavement Care). This shows how losing your love one can make you go into depression because you feel that life lacks meaning. This relates to Holden because throughout the book you see how Holden has used is brother’s grief to make his own life go down hill. Holden even isolated himself that time when Allie had died and just did that throughout the story (isolating himself from others). Holden is still remembered by his brother dying when certain situations occur. Those who continue to experience problems may be diagnosed with PTSD. “People who have PTSD may feel stressed or frightened even when they are not in Danger”(nimh.nih. Gov). Holden had suffered a serious trauma when his brother Allie had died. Allie and Holden were best friends. Allie had died from leukemia when Holden was 13 years old. Even though this trauma was 4 years ago, my patient is still having anxiety and having flashbacks which were triggered by his brother’s death. This is a strong claim about Holden has a disability PTSD, which is a mental disorder which can be caused by the grief of your loved ones.