Catcher In The Rye Thesis

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Paragraph 1-

Hook- Have ever thought about leaving society and hiding away from all “plastic” or phony people in the world?

Bridge -
Introduce both books titles and authors
Holden escapes to New York to get away from the phonies at his school and in life in general
Chris escapes into the wilderness to get away from the plastic people that control his life, including his family.
Both boys are repulsed by society and result to going to fantasy worlds and shutting out all the things that they know and love.

Thesis- In both The Catcher in the Rye and Into the Wild, Chris and Holden share a hatred for modern society and try to run from their friends, family, and even themselves, but in the end, they find that being with people is what they
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Chris going to Alaska, a place where he has never visited, makes him even more prone for things to go wrong, “ People from the outside, pick up a copy of Alaska Magazine, thumb through it and get to thinkin’ Hey, i’m goin’ to get up there, live off the land, go claim me a piece of the good life” Page 4 ( explain quote)
Holden goes to New York and even though he lives there he has never really spent days and nights there by himself, so it makes him very vulnerable for all of the twist and turns that the city has to offer. (elaborate)
The weather is another very important symbol in both of their journeys, because it was winter at some point in their stories, this shows how harsh the environment and how unforgiving it is.
Conclusion- Both boys had very similar experiences in the environments that they were in, that accounted into the downfall of them both, but eventually the demise of Chris McCandless.

Paragraph 3- Intro- Chris and Holden together had many things that motivated them to leave everything that they know behind, this could also be known as there unhealable
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Chris and Holden can relate in the way that they both leave because of their hate for the government and also the way that money controls the lives of people.
For Chris, when people don’t have money it bothers him especially with suitcases.
For Holden, though he has money he doesn't want to show it, because it makes him feel too plastic.

Conclusion- Holden and Chris are almost blinded by these beliefs, which make them leave the fake worlds they believe they live in.

Paragraph 5-

Intro- It is probably clear to see there are many reasons that both Chris and Holden leave everything they know, but at the end of both of the novels we learn that they both start to realize that they are better off if they share their lives with other people.

For Chris, though he realized that he would be better off with others, he never gets to be. Chris dies before he is able to get back to civilization due to his lack of a map.
Holden on the other hand is able to get back to his family and finally get some help, and closure since Allie's death. Holden’s point where he realizes he needs to go home is when Phoebe is on the carousel and he realizes that he needs to be there for her when she falls, so he can pick her back