Catcher: People and Holden Essay

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There are many people in the world with true best friends. There are also many enemies that people make throughout their lives. Some people just do not like other people that they meet but some do and get along with them. In The Catcher in the Rye, there are a number of people that Holden does not like and there are only a few that he actually likes. One of the few people, who is on the list of people who Holden likes, is Phoebe, Holden’s little sister. First of all, when Holden talks to Phoebe, “She always listens” (Holden) and pays attention to him. This shows that Phoebe respects her big brother, Holden, and does not like to be rude to him. This, too, shows that she is interested in what Holden is saying or telling her. Added to, Holden states, “And the funny part is she knows, half the time, what the hell you’re talking about” while talking to her, meaning that Phoebe understands what Holden says to her. This shows that she is a great listener despite the fact that she is still only a kid. This also shows that Phoebe is knowingly aware of things that happen in the real world. Clearly, Phoebe is one of the people who Holden likes in The Catcher in the Rye. Another character from the book who Holden likes is Mrs. Morrow, Ernest’s mother. In the first place, Mrs. Morrow listens to Holden when he tells her about her son, Ernest. This shows that Mrs. Morrow is fascinated to hear about how her son doing in school. This shows that Mrs. Morrow chooses to listen to Holden when he is talking instead of ignoring him and be rude. In addition to, in the book, Holden says in his head when she responded to him “Not snotty, though. She was too charming and all to be snotty” about Mrs. Morrow. This show that Mrs. Morrow is not a phony but is a delightful person in Holden point of view. This also shows that she is sweet person and acts like herself instead of being snotty to Holden. Certainly, Mrs. Morrow is one of the people appreciated by Holden Caulfield. There is also another character, from the book, who