Catcher in the Rye Setting Analysis Essay

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Catcher Setting Response
The 1950’s were a decade of great change in various ways. For example the American minorities, the women, and other outspoken ethnic and other groups of society, decided to stand up and fight for their rights. The Great War had ended, and men were coming back home. As this happened the demand for economic homes increased, and families began having children due to the economical stability and prosperity in which the United States of America was amidst. The nationwide home demand gave birth to one of the most comfortable and affordable ways of living: The suburban home. These neighborhoods were planned for young middle-upper class families who wanted to have, or already had children. These families were living the
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Then Holden pretended to escape to the west and live on a log cabin in the woods as a deaf mute so that he would not have to speak. All of this contributes to Holden’s struggle to reach maturity, but finally Holden desists of these plans and becomes and abandons the idea of becoming a helpless rebel and becomes a well-behaved young man.
The historical, and social setting of the story are crucial to the story and have a great effect on Holden Caulfield’s way of thinking. In some way all of the aspects I have spoke before forged Holden. All of Holden’s philosophical dilemmas are reflected on the story’s historical placing and also on the social part. Holden’s way of thinking would be radically different if he’d have a different childhood in which his parents had developed a more interactive role in his life so that he did not feel so alienated. At the end of the story Holden returns home both physically and emotionally exhausted ready to give up and that is when he says “ I mean, how do you know what you’re going to do till you do it?” this reflects Holden frustration and disappointment on life. And is a way of giving closure to a chapter in Holden’s