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Ray Trevino
Ms. Tina Barcak
English II
May 20,2014 Rebellion plays a big role throughout Catching Fire, it is used as a weapon numerous times to show the severity of what is going on during this part of the Hunger
Games/ Quarte r Quell.
The first act of rebellion was with the
Jabberjay, it was used to spy on District 8 and repeat the conversations of the rebels. Upon finding this out the rebels gave the Jabber Jays false information to feed back to the Capital, rebelling against them. The Capital immediately abandoned the Jabber
that they would die off in the wilderness, being mainly male.
When abandoned the Jabber Jays soon made way for a new species, mating with the song bird, the Mockingbird creating the Mockingjay. The Mockingjay is the main cause/symbolization of rebellion in Catching fire! President Snow, looks like he is doing good by planning katniss and peetas wedding, being sent to the 75th hunger games/quarter quell for returning victors that have won in the past, she is told about president snow canceling her and peetas wedding. President snow rebelled against katniss because she did not fulfill his wishes in convincing him that her and peeta are madly in love. President snow knows what he is doing by cancelling the wedding. Katniss is smart and acts like she doesn't know anything and plays it off, because she knows there will be something coming for president snow.

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Kaniss is also a symbol of rebellion, while president snow is coming up with his way to rebel against katnis s, there already an uprising being plotted against him starting with District 8.
While Katniss was in the woods one day she finds two runaways from district 8 in a cement shack, bonnie and twill
, they are messengers that are to spread the news of district eight’s rebellion and that district thirteen might still be existing but katniss doesn't believ e,although she has her assumptions that makes her half believe. Finding this out katniss immediately comes up with a plan to try and run away from what is happening because she knows most of it is her fault. When she decided that both her and peeta should have eaten those berries, making it look like they…