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Evaluation4252595147002500Initially the brief was to act as a trainee chef and cook a meal for 2 for international week. My dishes reflected the country I picked for my theme because they were all traditionally French. I also tried to incorporate lots of French ingredients such as wine, shallots and bouquet garni. I made and served 2 people with 2 dishes as that was the brief for the task. I think the end result of my dishes was restaurant standard as I practiced all my dishes thoroughly in the weeks running up to the event so I could get it correct. I also ensured that my dishes were all well presented with correct garnishes for overall professional appearance.
My dishes both together shared a good balance of nutrition; my boeuf bourignon was high in iron from the beef, alongside the potatoes which are high in carbohydrates and the carrots which are one of your 5 a day. All together this is about a third of the eat well plate within this one meal. In my lemon tart there was a lot of sugar and dairy, this alongside my main meal makes up the remaining sections of the eat well plate and so by eating these two courses you are getting an all-round balanced diet. Although this meal could only be eaten once a week as it is relatively high in fat.
The overall cost for my boeuf bourguignon was quite expensive at a portion cost of £6.54, if I were to make the same dish for a larger quantity of people it would have been much cheaper but as my brief was to make a 2 course meal for 2 people I had use smaller amounts of ingredients. My lemon tart was a much cheaper dish to make costing at around £2.31 this is because the majority of ingredients were everyday household ingredients, although the same as my main dish it would have been much less to make a larger quantity. See separate sheet for an accurate breakdown of costing’s. If I were to make this in industry I would buy all my ingredients in bulk making it less expensive to make. If I were to sell these dishes in a restaurant I would have to take into consideration overhead costs, such as gas and electricity, labour VAT and profit therefore I would need to use the equation (cost per portion x 100 ÷ 40) to calculate an accurate selling cost and so my boeuf bourguignon would be £16.35 and my lemon tart would be £5.25, I think this is a reasonable price to sell these dishes at a high class restaurant
41433758699500 For hygiene and safety before I started to prepare my dishes I removed all of my jewellery, tied my hair back, put on my chef whites and washed my hands. While I was cooking I ensured all electrical equipment was distant from any water and switched off when not in use. I used my knives in the correct manor to avoid any accidents. I stored the beef and bacon lardons in the fridge until it was needed to avoid any cross contamination. I regularly washed up and wiped down my surfaces to prevent my work are getting messy and too confusing to work on.
During my mise en place, my time management was good as it allowed me to get everything organised and all of my ingredients and equipment prepared for the task. It also allowed me to get the bulk of my chopping and peeling done before the initial 2 hours began. During the cooking time I followed my time plan as much as I could although I did fall behind a few times due to misjudgement of cooking time, although this did not affect the end result as I finished on time with both of my dishes out of the oven and served. I could have improved my time management by working faster although I caught up by dovetailing my recipes and washing up faster.
It was relatively easy to portion control my dishes. For the boeuf bourguignon I served them it small separate casserole dishes alongside 2 carrots and 1 large spoon full of potatoes and for the lemon tart I made them in 2 separate tartlet cases alongside a scoop of sorbet and a drizzle of coulis.
4152900174498000Both of my dishes had great amounts of flavour within them,