Cathedral: Narrative Essay

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Plot: The story is about how uncomfortable the narrator is that his wife’s blind friend, whose wife has just died, is going to spend the night at their house. The narrator also explains how his wife met the blind friend ten years ago. The narrator also mentions how he never met a blind person before and didn’t know how to act around the blind man. The narrator goes thru the story interacting with the blind man thru dinner and then some drinks and marijuana and thru the story we see how the narrator point of view of blind people starts changing while the watch a show about cathedrals.
Theme: The point of the story is to show readers that sometimes there isn’t much difference between a blind person and a person with sight. In the story we see that the blind man has a better understanding of the wife that the narrator does. We also learn that a person with sight could be more blind that the blind because they don’t appreciated the stuff that they have and could see, as the blind man appreciated and enjoys everything had has around.
Style: the story is told by the unnamed, white male narrator. The readers learn of the blind man’s upcoming visit. This story is also told in the first- person narration.

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Where are you going, where have you been?
Plot: Connie is a 15 year old self absorb teenager. She wants to be independent. She’s tired of her mother always comparing her to June the older sister. That summer she goes out to the mall with her friend. Where they go and sneak to a restaurant across the freeway where and boys hang out. One night while she talking to a boy name Eddie she sees another boy drive by and he tells her “Gonna get you, baby.” Connie didn’t pay attention to that comment. On Sunday her family decides to go to a barbecue but she considers herself to good for a family event and stays home. Connie goes to the backyard to get some sun when a car approaches the house and a guy steps out, she goes to the porch to see who it is. The guy gets out of the car and presents himself as Arnold friend and introduces his friend that still on the car as Ellie’s. He tells