Cathedral: Woman and Robert Essay

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I agree with Henningfeld because she’s saying that basically you shouldn’t judge some until you’ve experienced what they’ve experience. She’s also saying that people sometimes can’t see the right in people until they’ve stepped into someone’s shoes. The narrator is blind to the fact his wife and Robert have this bond that he and his wife don’t. When the narrators wife touches the blind man’s face that shows that the he doesn’t see the connection they have together.
For example, narrator tells us about his wife’s past with blind man and her suicide attempt, and the exclusion of his own feeling for her. Although the narrator never really states that his wife is mad with him he gives detail so that the reader can make that assumption their selves. By contrast the narrator does not see how his isolation damages himself, his wife, and their relationship. He is metaphorically blind to the fact of his own relationship. He is unable to see his wife in any other way than the most basic, physical sense in the world. “... I found myself thinking what a pitiful life this woman must have led. Imagine a woman who could never see herself as she was in the eyes of her loved one.” Although the narrator believes that he is describing the relationship he thinks Robert and His wife have he’s really describing his own relationship with his wife.
The narrator wasn’t very interested that Robert was there because, while his wife and Robert enjoyed an interpersonal relationship, he excludes himself from any such relationship. He is not willing to engage in their conversation like he’s too good to converse with a blind man.
The limited point of view and the ironic parallels between the blind man and the narrator set up the final scene, the moment when the narrator, Robert, and the reader work together to create a moment of meaning. The phrase, "The blind leading the blind," seems to best describe the action of this scene. When a television documentary begins showing pictures of