Cather Guenther Criminal Justice Analysis

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The Criminal Justice system is often criticized, critiqued, and interpreted in many various ways. In 1976, Guenther presented his early analysis into the state of the Criminal Justice System, in which he expressed that it is “unfair, harsh, and biased”. He expresses that instead of this “unfair, harsh, and biased” Criminal Justice System, we have a Criminal Processing System. There was a comment made by Heather McDonald that opposes that view, in which she said that the Criminal Justice System is not racist. Her argument was the question, “Did they commit a crime?”, in which the answer would be a hesitated “well yes”. However, I believe that to be false in certain aspects. I believe that the Criminal Justice System should not be biased, but I agree with Guenther in that fact that it is. There are some certain cases where, yes, an individual commits a crime, but the unfairness and biasness comes into play with the punishment that is given to them. Guenther’s analysis can …show more content…
He uses those three types of isolation to bring awareness that both systematic and institutionalized discrimination and a lack of culture are the main factors of keeping poor black people to escape poverty in ghetto areas. In the early 1900s, local governments used force of law to divide races into segregated neighborhoods. Later, Whites used violent intimidation and private agreements to keep Blacks out of white neighborhoods. During the 1960s, many federal agencies began to limit their services to African-American people. Some of these services included signing up for loans or mortgages and many agencies vastly lowered the amounts given out to African-Americans (Ford, 2009). This only pushed any kind of chance for African-Americans to come out from an impoverished neighborhood to better establish themselves economically and