Why Working In Partnership With Others Is Important For Children And Young People

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Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people.
Ensuring all areas of their health and safety are covered- for example, i wouldn’t be aware of the child’s full health and what they need. This would be down to a doctor. When it comes down to dietary requirements, parents would need to notify staff. Etc etc.
Keep up to date with the child’s needs and development.
For example, if a child is developing well or behind on development. Parents need to be made aware or vice versa.
These allow us to get ‘the whole picture’ of the child’s life not just in a particular setting e.g. at nursery – as this is all i see.

Identify who relevant partners would be in own work setting.
Parents- Communication is necessary as stated above/said before, Social Services, Health workers, if needed police etc. If I had any concerns i would go to my room senior or manager about the situation, i wouldn’t deal with this myself.
Define the characteristics of effective partnership working, Effective partnership working involves good communication- ensuring that members of staff know the relevant information whether it be about a child or happenings within the nursery. Good communication with parents/carers.
Working as a team- ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and works just as hard as each other. E.g. with other jobs included in the description such as cleaning, tidying nappies etc.
Positivity - Ensuring that all staff, parents and children are pleased with the way things are done and when being done. Everyone is happy with the outcome and what is going on.
Co-operation- ensuring that you are working together, not just communication but cooperation.
Identify barriers to partnership working.
Generally not getting along with a work colleague- communication may be faulty, the way each other are spoken too etc.
Not knowing the correct member of staff to turn to for specific problems, e.g. who to turn to if you.re feeling fairly mistreated. leadership- Not knowing who to listen to if being told what to do. Whether or not you should be getting told what to do by specific members of staff.
Lack of experience- New to the job etc.

Describe why clear and effective communication between partners is required.
Communication is vital to keep everyone’s safety first. For example, if a child is in need of medication but the member of staff that will be caring for the child isn’t around or isn’t aware- they need to be told. If not, the child may not get the medication, get the correct medicine or get the correct amount of medication etc. Also if a message needs to be passed on to a parent, does the correct member of staff know the message and the full details of this message. Otherwise the message may not get to the parent or the wrong message could be delivered. This could be an important note e.g. if the child has been ill etc.

What policies do you have at Cherubs for information sharing (consider confidentiality and data protection).
All information that is known by staff is kept protected, this means that out of the work place or to members of the public no data is given out. For example, Folders which involve trackers etc are always kept at nursery and completed within the work place for confidentiality. (Ask Lisa)

How does the nursery comply with what is required for data protection?

Please explain the term confidentiality to me
Confidentiality is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information.

Why it is important to record information clearly, accurately, legibly and concisely meeting legal requirements.
It is important to ensure that nothing goes wrong. This is to ensure that everyone involved is kept healthy and safe no matter what. Ensuring you are able to act upon any issues and the information given.(See above notes).

Explain why and how referrals are made to different agencies.

Thinking about parents and careers,