Catholic Education Research Paper

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Value of a Catholic Education It is not unusual for a student of a Catholic school to take for granted their unique opportunity for both better and religious education. When I stop to reflect on my education, which is admittedly seldom, I thank my parent’s for their decision to send me to Catholic school. I am very grateful for their choice and financial commitment to send me to a Blessed
Teresa of Calcutta School and not to a public school. Majority of Catholic schools are stricter then public schools. The stricter a school is, the more it helps someone learn obedience and learn to follow rules better. Although it cost money to attend a private Catholic school, it is worth it because it helps the growth of a child’s academic abilities. For example, math classes at
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However, students at a public school can wear anything they want which can give students the feeling of a less structured and disciplined mood. Religious holiday breaks are not allowed at a public school because it could offend people with a different religion. A Catholic school has religious holidays off, such as Christmas and Easter break, because the children who attend follow the Catholic religion, even if they are not Catholic. Another difference between Catholic and public schools is prayer. A Catholic school allows students to pray and attend mass during school hours. Public schools do not have a
Church or parish because they do not study a specific religion and all of the students do not have the same religion. A student attending a Catholic school is expected to show respect for everyone, help out their community, and follow the rules of Catholicism. Public schools do not expect a student to do all of these things. Usually, Catholic schools have less bullying than a public school. The decrease in bullying means that it is better to switch to a Catholic school if you are bullied.