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Drama Structure- Size of he company. And budget, small companies will have smal positions, but large companies will have a large amount of positions, if making a record, you will be allocated a producer, but in theatre, produces are in charge of raising funs and hiring staff. They will find corporate support, For example if u go to Coles.. if they fund you, you can advertise there emblem.
From donations, there can be Tax benefits. A positive name for a company is a good thing. Theatre companies can get Grants for some projects. If becoming a writer for a company, you will get fundings, (government grants, state grants). You have to decide, what theatre, How much will it cost, what price will you put on the tickets and if it will be enough for a fair profit. You must find where to rehearse. You need people who are good at raising money, good at talking, good at hiring people to work or help out. The producer in a theatre company will be in charge of getting the production starter. The director is where the money stops. The director has the Artistic overview of the production. It all depends on the directors Vision, under the director there is a set designer, the set designer has to read the directors vision and change it to fit on stage, he has to accommodate all the relevant scenes of the play, he is responsible for the mechanics and construction for the set.
They are responsible for the set production. The set designer will have to create a 3d model of the stage set out.

Par-can- Most basic form of lighting.
Rounded front called par-56- most common form of light in a rock concert Pa-64 (standard)
Musical theatre – gels used to colour light.
Gels are substance, when heated change colour.
Par-cans are used for special effect.
Most common are called fresnel, short and stubby, more diffuse. Has four ban doors so you can control the light
Profiles (longer ones) might be called spotlights. You can control the shape and size of the light.

There are new lights theatre's might use are called L.E.D's. Most sound or light controlling places in a theatre are called a Bio-Box.
Go-Bo's are lighting colours.


-Set designers role is to interrupt placing of objects.
-The format of the theatre your entering into. you get the concept from the director.
Set Design is about problem solving.
Its about a sense of place and a sense of time.
A big problem is sight lines
Present your idea costly, whatever has to be made or found must be done by the set designer and a group of people to help.
Its important to know what the set designer wants.
The production manager is supplied by the theatre company .


Creating Atmosphere: atmosphere is in the colours and fabrics using certain equipment to portray a certain atmosphere

Relationship with the set designer:
Set designer is also connected with the Costume designer
Must have a sense of the light.
Lighting sets the mood the director and set designer is trying to come across.
Making theatre is a collaborate process.
Even in one man plays there is a set, group of people that help in creating the play..etc dramaturg is a researcher who assist the cast with back ground information, With discuss the playrights intentions,
A good production is a performance that has a lot of money spent but a performance with imagination
Designing a set is about organising space.
Set design is All about the space.
Take sight lines into consideration
Prompt is the left side.
Op is opposite prompt.

Set Construction:
Costumes are used in dress rehearsal, not in Tech rehearsal.
Lights and sound must be coordinated with the Actors
Anything actors handle are props-
- You can hire things from Prop stores, Most Things are made.
Companies can sponsor you
Stage manager is responsible for where props are.

Costume Design:
-Interoperates a play
Takes account the need of the play.
Must Have the right sense of