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How I need to manage time now since I am a JIU student?
Cathy Hayes
Jones International University
May 22nd, 2010
After reading this article about time management tips for students. I learned that you have five tips to manage your time wisely and get your paper in before the due schedule. Time management is one of the most important factors in colleges students class work. As I read this article it shows why most students don’t have the time to complete their assignments on time due to their classes, work, activities out side of school and just their social activities. It describes in the paper that I need to learn how to manage my time and use it toward my assignments.

Five tips that I have describe in the paragraph above are Keep a Detailed Calendar. If I make a weekly planner for my busy schedule I will not fall behind in my classes. This article teaches me that it is best to keep attract of all my daily and weekly schedule. Such as assignments due, work and home things that will keep me on top of my studies and school work. If I manage my time wisely and keep a planner and I look at it each and every day it will help me succeed in the long run and to manage my time accurately.

The second tip is to plan out your time. If I am having a busy day and I don’t think I can finish that assignment that was due on that day. It always best that I could do it the day before or two days in advance I will have my work complete on time. If I know that I am busy on that day when the assignment is due I can always do it the day before so it will be done and finish time. This article teaches me that is always best to have small break instead of doing the assignment straight through your work might not be accurate.

Prioritize, I always need to manage my time to the most important assignment that needs more time then other. But I don’t want to over due it cause then the other assignments might not get done but it is wisely that the one that is important get more of my attention. If I have something to do such as go to the mall with my friends or visit with family I need to reschedule cause my class work is more important cause it affects my lifetime goal in the long run. Which is always important to get the work done then go has some fun with family and friends.

Always avoid Procrastinations and Distractions. If you get distracted by something else it is not likely that you will get your school work done and it would best not to get distracted. I always try