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Parliament stripped massachusetts the right to elect their own colonial government british officials and soldiers accused of a crime could be sent back to england comittees of correspondance sprang into action. Letters flew from one colony to the next forcing a new boycott on all british goods patriot leaders meet in philadelphia in 1774. this gathering was called the first continential congress. They voted to deny the intolerable acts and not to buy. Or sell british products committees searched out merchants still trading british goods, printed their names in local newspapers and forced them to stop or leave town.
Soon these committees became the unofficial government in their cities and towns they organized volunteer soldiers called militia and gathered weapons the british commander ordered them to go home . The american captain john parker saw that he was outgunned so he called his men to withdraw.
A shot was fired and british returned fire. 8 americans were dead.
British headed for concord to seize the weapons being stored there.
The british headed for boston. On their march back 1000's of militia fired on them from nearby trees killing 70 men and wounding 200 over the next few days 100's of volunteers from new england came to boston ready to fight news from lexington quickly spread to the other colonies.
In may 1775, colonial leaders met in phillidelphia for the second continental congress congress soon created a new american army and named a 43 year old named george washington as commander in cheif who earned respect from his men from the previous french/indian war.
His tough job was to train inexpierienced farmers into skilled soldiers.
The british tried to get control of nearby charleston and patriots went to the top of breeds hill.
The americans were hidden in trenches and could fire down on the british. After the third attemp to capture the hill the british took control of the hill. The battle was called bunker hill, named from a nearby hill.
It was a victory for the british but they were not celebrating. The americans showed they could stand up to the powerful british army.
The second colonial congress continuedd by building and army and finding new trading partners in europe and printing money to buy military supplies.
Jan 1776, thomas paine made a document named common sense.