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Causal Analysis Essay Why Video Games are Beneficial

The rivalry between weather or not video games are beneficial to your health has been going on for quite some time. I know my parents always nagged me about playing video games, But I always argued that video games were not that bad. I mean, yes there are some downsides of playing video games like bad eyesight and bad influence, But some of the positives of playing video games are good reflexes, Great memories, being anybody you want to be, Training your creative mind To do things unimaginable, and even to help you learn. I’ve done some digging around on the Internet and found some pretty good arguments on why video games are beneficial. One from the BBC Stating that videogames have benefits in multiple ways such as, helping people see better, learn more quickly, develop greater mental focus, becoming more spatially aware, estimating more accurately, and multitasking more effectively. Some video games can even make young people more empathetic, helpful and sharing. Another article from the Huffington post stating that there are at least 9 ways that video games can be good for you. And the last article that I came across was from a videogame network named IGN, and they also state that Video games can improve motor skills, They can relieve pain, They can improve eyesight, The can help you make faster decisions, and they can tackle mental Illnesses. Going back to the article from the BBC, Videogames have been blamed for a lot of problems in today’s world such as making people violent, but evidence has been building over the years that they can have positive effects. Scientists say they are not only understanding why, but they also trying to put these observations to the test. Scientists have been using special head gear and video games to test if the human mind is capable of moving objects in the virtual world. And so far, some have been successful, while others, not so much. In doing this research, maybe one day they can create something for the people who can’t do things that we do on a day to day basis, like simply opening a door, or turning on a light. Here, let’s take some sugar and food for instance, we all know that there are good sugars and bad sugars, and we know that there are good foods and bad foods, but we don't discuss whether food in general is good or bad, so why don’t we feel that way when we talk about the effects of videogames? Taking a quote from Douglas Gentile at Iowa State University, he said, "I think we are starting to move beyond this inappropriately simplistic idea to see games can be powerful teachers that we can harness." And going by that, I completely agree with him. I’m sure you’ve heard of all of the preschool games about learning that are out in the world, and I believe he is referring to those in that said quote. Let’s move on to the next article coming from a website that does nothing but write about videogames. Coming from that type of background, you can probably already predict what their take on the subject will be. This is their opening statement for their article, “Video games: they're addictive, they make kids fat and they turn us all into trained murderers. Or, at least, that’s what we’re often told. But what are the positive effects of video games? Surely there must be some? As a matter of fact, there are”. Now, I find it quite hilarious that they mentioned about the kids always being told that videogames are going to make them fat and turn them into murderers because that what a lot of my friends’ parents have told them, and they are perfectly fine. At least, I hope. In July this year, however, health researchers at Australia’s Deakin University found tikes, the company best known for making little kid toys and outdoor play toys for kids if you weren’t aware, who play interactive video games, such as those available on Wii for instance, have better motor skills. The outcome of the study showed that