Causal: Obesity and Accessible Wireless Internet Essay examples

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Nicholas Monette
Feb 1 2013
Technology Overdose

Iphone, laptops, computers, and television are all types of entertainment these days that kids spend the majority of their day using. It is all fun and games which is understandable, but is technology being overused to make our kids less physically active? I believe that technology over use can effect a child physical and mental because its addiction will take over.

More than half of the children in the world are over using technology that is messing with our brain physically and mentally. Technology over use can cause physical change to the brain that lead to focus, vision and behavior issues. Several scientific studies have suggested that playing an excessive number of computer games or spending too much time surfing the internet can have a physical impact on the brain. Playing an excessive amount of games and watching to much television could cause a shorter attention span and wild behavior by the child. Technology today has become more than using a computer at work, or checking your email once you get home. It has become an every day flow of information into our lives through mobile notifications, easy to use apps, and the easily accessible wireless Internet. While children who use technology may be able to split their priority between many tasks, they have become unable to focus, due to constant bursts of new information.

Over use in technology can also cause a negative effect on a child physically appearance too. Technology contributes to childhood obesity encouraging people to sit for hours instead of being physically active. For example, instead of walking to the library people just take the technical route by simply pulling out their smart phone and downloading the book or magazine straight to their phone so they won’t have to leave the house. Also kids are getting more addictive to game than t has been before cause phone are being capable of having video games on them so that you are allowed to take your gaming entertainment with you every where you go. In the 1970 technology was not as popular and was not used as much up until the 2000’s. In 1970 entertainment was more of physical active play such as going outside and playing sports without “in house” entertainment. Studies have been