Essay on Cause and Effect

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Autumn Mullins
Mr. McGinnis
English Composition 111
A White Thanksgiving Snow is beautiful, fun and an enjoyable sight during the holidays but it could cause a huge deal of stress, problems, and even danger. This year, the day beforeThanksgiving, North Carolina Mountains experienced an early winter storm. Children in several counties had a frigid, fun day in the snow, throwing snowballs, building snowmen and making delicious snow cream for a cold treat. However, the storm affected more than just Buncombe County, it covered most of the East Coast with a beautiful blanket of white. Though the sights of it were praised, problems began to arise and the snow showed that it was a sweet deceit of enjoyment and frustration. During Thanksgiving, many flights are taking place around the country. The snow storm arrived with clouds full of precipitation causing flight delays and cancelations. Some flights had people arriving at their destination, however the anger was evident because they were late but there were a few unlucky ones that don't get to go home to spend Turkey Day with loved ones since the storm is too dangerous to fly. Alterations and different plans had to be made so that Thanksgiving could be celebrated but not at the place it was desired to be. The storm also caused ice, and damage on the roads that had people stuck waiting for the highways to clear up. Trees blocked drivers, and ice caused accidents. Some were unharmed but others have to spend thanksgiving on hospital beds. The heavy trees fell on houses, and electricity polls. Some