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Abandoned Cemeteries

What is a cemetery? Cemeteries are the traditional places to bury the dead. They come from the Greek words Koimeterion (meaning a sleeping place), and koiman (to put to sleep). A cemetery is where people come to visit there loved one that passed way. A cemetery can be peaceful for people, but it can be scary for others. There are public and private cemeteries, commercial cemeteries, and national cemeteries for veterans. Some are in perfect condition and landscaped, some are in disrepair, and some are abandoned. An abandoned cemetery is always being neglected, nature reclaimed, and looks creepy at night, because people seem to forget this place. This abandoned cemetery was enclosed by a metal fence, and now it has been reclaimed by nature. It is hidden from the road by thick woods and vines. It is surrounded by heavy forest and trees loom over the ground. Many of the gravestones are unreadable and darkened with age. Many are lost in tangle and completely forgotten is a grave below. Only nature seems to remember this cemetery as it reclaimed the land. Nature moved in to take over as it does in all abandoned places. There are several graves still marked by standing headstones. Graves are nearly impossible to locate, hidden, and long forgotten. Although these headstones are still standing in their rightful place, they are no longer in neat rows of headstones like in most cemeteries. I stand in front of the rusty gate. While overhead dark clouds blotted out the full moon from time to time. It looks really creepy. I slowly push it open, it squeaking loudly as a door creaking in a haunted house. I walked up the cobbled paths, looking around at the gravestones. All was dark stone shadows standing in the darkness. The grass around them looks damp and the path had weeds outlining it. The