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December 15, 2012 the USA was all watching the outbreak of riots all over New York City. The riots are everywhere and everyone is freaking out. Everyone has some sort of idea of why these riots are going on. For one, more than half of America hates the new president and the government is failing more than ever, people are losing jobs, and people are not getting the help and support they need. All of these things put together and over time has called these massive riots throughout the streets.

The government is awful, and half of the people hate the new elected president. He is not doing what he said he was going to do. The government has never been in such a bad position. He has taken away grants and student loans, the country is in 5 trillion dollars of debt and the middle class families do not have jobs. If there is one thing that makes the people mad it is going to be money. No one wants to live this way anymore, so a riot is what it has come to.

Losing jobs is not helping the economy; the president said that he was going to find jobs not destroy them. Families cannot live without an income, and how are they suppose to send their children to school to get an education when they cannot afford it? It makes no sense at all! The middle class are the majority of the citizens in America and they are the ones that are the ones that are worst off, not to even mention that the less fortunate families have to live in boxes. If the government did not want something like this to happen then they should have done what they said they would at the beginning. It is not practical for families to live off of nothing when they have an education, they should have jobs. Families cannot afford to send their children to college because they do not have a job and there are no more grants and loans.

Not only is it adults rioting the streets of New York City, but it is teens and students trying to go to college but they cannot. To get a good job there needs to be a good education. Even then there is no telling if there will be jobs for them. Going to school has always been a very important thing and others look down on someone if they do not have some sort of education, but now even the smartest people