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Sept. 6, 2013
Essay #1
Who I Am Or Who I Think I Am I am engineering major who wants to change the world. I am a diligent and hardworking student that slacks off a bit but I still try to be the best student that I could be. I was born in Boston Massachusetts. I have 2 half-brothers, one is older the other one is younger. There’s probably more considering my father’s track record but who really knows. My family is originally from Haiti and Dominican Republic.

As a kid I was quiet around people I didn't know, like people in my family, but once I was in middle school it was a whole different ball game. For my first year in middle school I learned as much as possible to fit in and be cool for one of my good friends and once I picked it up I was unstoppable. While in middle school (from 6th to 8th grade) I joined the football team, and I automatically loved the game. It was so much fun to catch the ball and run dodging everyone and either making a touchdown or hitting someone really hard make it ten times better, and I didn't know at the time that I was slowly gaining popularity for it. But every good thing had to come to an end. 8th grade year we played hard and almost won in Districts but we got beat bad by the Fitchburg kids, they were bigger and stronger, but I got over it and graduated.

The summers were always fun but mine ended one month early because my mother did something very unusual. We always plan trips to places every year like Florida, or Canada, or Dominican Republic...etc. but that summer she told me right after my brothers birthday that I was going to Boarding school in a week…. She just dropped the ball just like that I was so shocked I didn't know what to say so I said nothing. My bags were already packed and she told me that we were gonna leave a day or two earlier. So I told all of my friends then I left, it was a long drive to North Carolina but once we got there it was so strange. It was like being in another country altogether, because I’m a City boy and seeing so much land was the weirdest thing in my life. Once we got to the school I met a lot of different people but they all had one thing in common, every single one had a deep southern accent and they kept calling me yankee boy. (And at the time I thought they thought I was a Yankee fan so I told them no I like the red socks)

Down south is very different from up north like the food, there was Taco bell everywhere it was the McDonalds of the south, everyone had a gun or they like hunting, and there was always work to be done no matter what it is. While I was down there I was given a job as a landscaper. (cutting grass, picking weeds, etc.) The reason the school did that is so we could have something to do in our spare time and also have some pocket change. Every there weekend we would go on outings like to the mall or bowling or laser tag….etc. Eventually I got in trouble for beating some kid up because he was calling me racist names. At first they were harmless names like yankee boy or boy, but then this kid started to call me worst names like colored boy and the “N” word and I talked to my Principal about it but all he did was tell the kid to stop, he didn't stop it got worse so since I also worked with the kid I told my supervisor and he said he would watch him and one day my supervisor caught him and fired him. I thought it was over after that so