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The Causes and Effects of Missing to Class

College can be difficult for many students, and especially for freshman because they are not used to all of the all of the responsibilities that their parents would usually keep up with. In high school you still live at home and your parents make sure you go to class everyday, but in college you do not have anyone forcing you to go to class. One of the largest responsibilities of a college student is showing up to every class on time everyday and also paying attention in those classes. When examining the causes and effects of missing class, it is important to take into consideration how these factors can affect a students grade now, in the future, and overall through the semester.
The current causes of missing class can be that your alarm did not go off, you overslept, or you missed class on purpose. A lot of students use the excuse of saying their alarm clock didn't go off, but it can really happen. I have had my alarm clock not go off before and I missed class.
Most college students like to go to parties and they will usually get home late and they will be tired the next morning, so they will skip their classes that day to catch up on their sleep. The current effects of missing class are that you will now be behind in the work and that will affect your grade in the class and also your absentee record. If you miss too many classes, most teachers will drop you and you will have to retake the whole course.

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The future effects of missing class can be that you will be behind in the material, you will miss the person instruction that the teacher gives, and you will have a hard time passing the course because you will not have all of the notes and worksheets to study for tests. Everyday in a college class is different. The teachers go over new topics everyday so if you miss class, you will miss the new material that was talked about in class. Some teachers may give grades just for coming to class so those and easy one hundred’s in the grade book which will help your grade average in the long run. Some teachers like to have discussions in class, so if you miss class, you will not get the opportunity to take part in the debates. Also, the notes and