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How Could a Higher Education Change Your Life? Could a high school diploma make all your dreams come true? If I asked my mother this question, she would laugh with sarcasm and most likely ask, “Do you want to end up like me, broke and always stressed?” Of course I would not want that for myself. It was bad enough I had to grow up watching her struggle just to support us kids. My mom gave birth to me when she was eighteen years old. Since then, she has struggled with bills, finding a job, and simply supplying us kids with our necessities. My mother now has a total of four kids and is a medical assistant. Till this very day, my mother is still struggling. She lives her life pay check to pay check and tries the best she possibly can to provide her kids with everything they need. She has not purchased her dream house, in fact she has never owned a house; she has lived in multiple rental homes and is still living in a rental home today. She cannot afford a new car; she has had the same little, white, beat up Chevrolet Cavalier for the past 9 years. We could have been in a worse situation, but all that mattered was that we had food on the table and a roof over our heads. I know my mother tries very hard and I always appreciated what she did for us kids. Without a doubt, my mother is my inspiration to further my education. I want to do better, have a happy life, provide for my family and not live so stressed. High school graduates should better themselves by furthering their education, because it will provide financial stability, a strong sense of pride, and further opportunities.
Obtaining a higher education will ensure future financial stability. Once people graduate from their field of study, they will obtain a career within that field. After becoming employed they will be financially stable, because of their decision to further their education and obtain a higher degree. Now being financially stable, allows people to buy their own house or car. Therefore, when people are ready to start their own family they will be able to, because they are graduated with a great career, beautiful home and car, and are now financially stable. Here is a comparison; my mother had kids young, before she even applied to college. She started off not being financially stable and then decided to add children into the situation. Once I was born she had to make sacrifices and officially decided not to attend college because she needed to work, in order to support me. By her not furthering her education, it caused all of her hopes and dreams to fade away. My mother’s admirable passion, was to see her kids do great in school and see them succeed in life; these are now her new hopes and dreams, not for herself but for her children. I realized that financial stability is key to living a happy life. In other words, “Nothing in life comes free.”(Unknown) Having a strong sense of pride refers to one’s personal accomplishments and achievements in life. When a person makes a decision to further their education it makes their family proud. If it makes their family proud, it makes themselves proud. For example, when my family found out I was attending Grand Canyon University they were extremely happy, because most people in my family are high school drop outs. As soon as people graduate college, they become extremely happy and proud of themselves because they did it, they made it possible and made it a reality; their families become overwhelmed with joy also. Finally, once a person obtains a career within their field of study they become ecstatic, because without their decision to further their education, none of this would be possible. Therefore, education is a huge part of success