Cause and Effect Essay Final

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Kaelib Thomas
Ms. Doucet
English 101
29, October 2014
The Failing Government System
What causes the government system to become flawed and fail? With Today’s world being different, there is no longer a concern about surviving against a bear in the forest but rather where the next energy supply will come from. There are no longer small, independent villages or city-states spread out in one corner of the world, now there are massive government systems everywhere that control the world population. These systems however, are beginning to fall throughout the world because of their failures as a governing body over the populace. The government system is flawed for a variety of reasons with all of them stemming back to human nature, the main cause for the system is failing. Greed and power are only characteristics of human nature, they are not sole reasons for why the system becomes flawed or begins to fail. Each person has their own agenda and tries to push it onto society in order to achieve their personal goals, this is done because of characteristics previously stated. When humans are pushed to the extreme they are willing to do anything that will make their own lives better, which causes the system to become flawed because people are not looking out for one another but rather looking out for themselves. What the government system is supposed to do is keep the order amongst the populace, provide aid to those in need, and protect the nation from foreign forces. All this however does not happen because of the corruption that occurs in a human’s nature, and when there is no one to see to these duties fulfilled the system just becomes a useless set of rules. People have to begin looking out for each other in order for the system to start working again, or they may stay in the anarchy of their own lives.
The constant cause for the failure of the system is greed, greed is a lust or desire for a particular item, position, or resource. Each individual has their own choice when it comes to greed whether it be money, power, or respect. With each individual wanting to do something that is to their own accord, this creates no desire to create an environment where everyone can pursue their dreams. There is no protection of the people because people only look out for themselves instead of looking out for the group which make the system flawed. It is survival of fittest, and with everyone thinking this way it is impossible to believe that a system could actually succeed, it is a lie that we have been feeding to ourselves since we could speak lies.
Personal interaction is key when you keep the society running because it allow for individuals to bounce ideas off of each other in order to see what they think is best for the government system and the society it works for. Each person has to be able to help keep the structure going because individuals decide how the system is run and what to