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Geri Brady
Mr. Huxell
March 10, 2015
Cause & Effect Paper
Man sexuality When little boys were growing up their father or grandfather would tell them that they couldn’t play with little girls. Their theory was if boys played with girls they would grow up to be a homosexual which really isn’t true. The United States is a free country where people can be or do whatever they feel they want to do, but in the case of when people that are attracted to their same sex beginning to be judged. Society has been really hard on homosexual men not knowing the true facts of what cause a men to be homosexual. Some people believe that men are born with sense of liking the same sex because of an imbalance hormone in their mother from birth. However, men really become homosexual because of unhealthy childhood relationship with females, distorted concepts of gender, and feeling incongruent with their own gender. Women hold a high standard over men that can allow society to destroy them from the inside out. The first cause in being becoming a homosexual is unhealthy relationships with females. All relationships men encounter from a mother, sister, and family member could wound a boy in his beginning stages of life of their personal gender role. As a child boys are feminized by other little girls to play with them. For example, girls would have their brother or cousin play a girl role in a play that requires them to dress up like a girl with all the extra painted finger nails, lips stick and hair pin up. These experience cause some boys to form different views of their with

Women in their adulthood. Some men will become oppositional in their relationship with women and start to push them away. The cause of this behavior is because they become disgusted or even hatred for the female race that’s turn them towards the same sex. Men who become avoidant in their relationship with women tend to experience feeling of fear and anxiety, which may cause them to keep their distance. The distance from women could be vital for their development of their genderedness and essential for them to be heterosexuality. The second cause of why men become homosexual is their distorted feeling towards women. Most men that are attracted to the same sex develop views about women that are not accurate for women as a whole. For Example, they may view women as powerful, dominant, or even controlling in their relationships or on the other hand, they may idealize women to be more intelligent than men. Because of how men look at women can sometimes make them act like a women in some since of comparison. Men start to feel the need of intimacy from the same sex just like how women feel when they want a man to hold them or cuddle them. This may be especially true if gender shame disrupted their connection with their masculine identity or turned them off to the ideal of even being a man. This can cause a man to