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What Can We Really Blame As to Why There Are No Morals Anymore? Imagine living in a time where everyone’s main concern was not staying true to themselves instead of what they were going to wear the next morning. A time where the habitual practices of courage, discipline, perseverance and loyalty were the most and best a person could strive to be. Now let us think about the 21st century that we all live in today, what are our main concerns? All I see around me are teenage girls who are smaller than I am, pregnant and miserable, fame-hungry teens who are striving to be “known” on the internet because they feel like they need that type of attention. There are teenage girls who absolutely hate they way they look and lack a self-esteem because of the rail-thin models that our society deems to be ‘perfect and beautiful’, then we have the teens who are high on drugs all the time going around twerking. What has our society come to? Where are our morals?
The way our society is nowadays, nothing is out of bounds anymore, the traditions that were once practiced and held up high on a pedestal are now ruined, and why? Must we really ask? If we just take a look around us, it is obvious to see what is destroying our generation. The ‘godly’ rappers that our society praises so much has a big part to do with it, the skinny models that have the perfect hair, skin, nails and body could be another factor and then we have the globalization of technology that allows today’s youths to have access to even more corruption. Morals in this day have definitely been thrown away and are just not present anymore. Our thirst for fame and power have made it okay to discard certain important morals that we once had. Growing up we all have people who we look up to. When we were young, our heroes were mom and dad, they took away all of our troubles and assured us that everything was perfect and okay. But as we begin to mature and grow up, we start making friends, meeting new people and we get to explore things and find our true identities. As I got to grow up, I realized that the society I was living in was mainly made up of ludicrous rappers who knew only to preach about sex, drugs and girls; whose main concern was their materialistic items and their ‘swag’ factor that each and everyone of them supposedly had. With their main audience being teenagers such as myself, they are one of the biggest influences on today’s generation and most people even consider them good role models. They promote drugs making it seem like it is okay to get high everyday when it is not and they promote sex, making teenagers think that they should go around having it with whomever they want to. In fact, I know a few girls who are in a competition to see which one can sleep with the most guys within a month. And if you ask me, that in my opinion is absolutely disgusting. Also, what is this swag stuff that everyone teenage boy I know seems to so desperately want? That I think just puts more of an emphasis on our materialistically corrupt society that only emphasizes what beauty is on the exterior of a person. What has our society come to? Why all of a sudden is there a competition to see who can sleep with the most people? Why is it that teenagers as young as 13 years old are getting busted for having marijuana and other drugs on them at school? If it is not for the rappers that promote sex and drugs, then what else is there to blame? Do we really even know or can we just come to the conclusion that today’s generation is just rebellious and going out of control. Another factor that contributes to today’s loss of morals is society’s definition of beauty and the effect that it has on the younger generation. Being 6’2 and 120 pounds is now the new definition of perfection and is what every female all over the world strives to be like. Surrounded by bogus ads like Victoria’s Secret, Aerie and other high fashion ads that feature toothpick models is