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Headphones cause hearing damage

The headphones have become part of daily life, however, listening to music with volume too high increases the risk of hearing loss and even leads to deafness. You have to keep in mind, do not abuse the use of headphones and keep your hearing health in a good condition.

Today's the relationship between humans and their headphone is extremely close. These devices serve for listen to music, to talk on the phone, to entertain people while they are walking, exercising, working, and among others activities. Its use is increasingly popular. And while many folks know their harmfulness to use in excess, there are only a insignificant awareness of it: using headphones at high volume increases the risk of irreparable hearing loss, and even get the individuals to suffer from deafness for the rest of he/she life.

In Mexico between 20 and 30% of adults suffer from decreased auditory sense, according to a study from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), some of these cases are undetected problems since childhood, others due to the constant use of cell phones and headsets Dr. Adelaido López Chavira,
Otolaryngologist Corporate Satellite Hospital, recommends that when you hear music, do it at a moderate level, a volume that allows you to hear what is happening around and at the same time not having to shout to be heard.

The first signs of hearing loss are :having difficulty understanding what people are talking about.
Constantly adjusting the volume on the TV. When someone talks to you, you keep asking them to repeat what they already told you. You find it uncomfortable to hear treble sounds. The noises that are considered harmful are from 85 decibels, A whisper registers on average of 15 dB; the soft sound of working in a office records 40 dB: a conversation is 60 dB; the traffic noise, 90 dB, music players can