Cause Of Civil War Essay

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There are many roots causes that lead to the civil war, the fight between the people who believed in slavery and those who didn’t. Though there were various causes three of those causes include “Bleeding Kansas”, Dred Scott v. Stanford, and the Compromise of 1850 these three factors will play a huge part in the Civil War. The Compromise of 1850 is one of the few factors that began the push towards the Civil War. Made by Henry Clay it stated that California would enter as a free state and the policy of popular sovereignty was applied to territory acquired by Mexico. Also a new act was passed the fugitive slave law which was much stricter than the initial law. This was an eye opener for both the North and the South. Though both got benefits in the compromise there were also …show more content…
Seeming as though the government itself leaned toward the southern ideals and that slavery was protected by the constitution. Pushing the idea that the north would have to fight for beliefs in order to get a fair system or one that wasn’t already influenced greatly by slavery. All three of these cause revolve around one factor slavery and political stances. Either you were proslavery or an abolitionist, you stood with the republican party or you didn’t it was simple and plain. When asked if the civil war was inevitable or not the answer would be no. There is a chance that maybe new ideals could have postpones the war or changes in laws and rulings as in the Dred Scott case would have postponed the war though it could never be completely avoided. In the end one side is going to have to hold on to the power and their ways will have to be adapted by everyone two contrasting ideals cannot work in harmony together. Eventually there would have been a civil war whether the outcome would have been different we may never be able to know but it was an inevitable